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Pocahontas room

A vintage-feeling room featuring a queen bed with cozy down comforter, gas-flame corner fireplace, new Widescreen HD television featuring hundreds of Time Warner channels, air conditioning in-season, CD player and an exposed-brick private bath with 72" Jacuzzi whirlpool tub. Total Room Size: 17ft. x 15 ft.( including bath)

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Why it’s called the Pocahontas Room

Pocahontas Rober Bonner racehorse

Each Carriage House room is named after a racehorse owned by the Bonners, who owned Hampton Terrace at the turn of the century. They were the most famous owners of racehorses in the country at that time. 

Pocahontas was one of Mr. Bonner’s award-winning racehorses. 

The world record as the fastest horse in harness was held by the great pacing mare Pocahontas from 1855 to 1867. (The record broken by Dexter, another of Mr. Bonner’s horses.) Born 1846, she sold for $30 that year, $51 in 1850 and $135 in 1852 as a sturdy horse who pulled logs in a four horse team. Her owner noticed she had unusual energy, and in 1853 she was entered in her first race in Cincinnati and won at 2:40. By the time Dexter passed her, she was setting records below 2:20. She foaled the famous racer Tom Rolfe and even won races with foal. Bought by Robert Bonner for $40,000, she ultimately ran an unofficial race of 2:08 3/4 in retirement, many years before that time was met officially.

Excerpt from Life With the Trotters, John Splan, 1889
I have often heard people bewailing the fact that Mr. Bonner bought up and retired from the turf the best trotters in the world, but it has always seemed to me that his action in this regard was a positive blessing to the animals, as it not only insured their comfort for life, but also prevented the necessity of their being contestants in races long after their powers were on the wane, causing them to suffer defeat from animals, whom in their prime they could easily have left behind. Mr. Robert Bonner, above all men, has been the friend, patron, and in every sense the benefactor of horse breeders, horse drivers, and horses themselves. 

Praise for Hampton Terrace

Thank you so much for putting us up in luxury and making our visit to the Berkshires even more fun and wonderful! We always love being with you and the kids and seeing new improvements to the Inn!

Julie & Rob M.

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