Rarus room

This dark, romantic room features the colors of nature - a queen bed with down comforter, gas-flame corner fireplace, new Widescreen HD television featuring hundreds of Time Warner channels, air conditioning in-season, CD player and private bath with 72" Jacuzzi whirlpool tub. Total Room Size: 17ft. x 15 ft.( including bath).

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Why it’s called the Rarus Room

Rarus Robert Bonner racehorse

Each Carriage House room is named after a racehorse owned by the Bonners, who owned Hampton Terrace at the turn of the century. They were the most famous owners of racehorses in the country at that time. 

Rarus was one of Mr. Bonner’s award-winning racehorses, who broke the world record twice in 1878. 

In typical Bonner fashion, the purchase was a surprise headline. The day before, Rarus had been a no-show in Hartford, disappointing 15,000 fans and earning a lifetime ban from racing. It turned out that his owner, hoping to sell his horse that day, had been in negotiation with a buyer, who, wanting to protect his investment, refused to let the horse run. Mr. Bonner, desiring to save the horse's reputation, and fulfilling his wish that all champions be allowed to retire with dignity, paid an unjustifiable fee to add the horse to his stables. 

From The New York Times, 1879.
"The Great Fatherless Trotter Stabled with Noble Companions. ...Mr. Bonner paid more for Rarus ($36,000) than he has ever paid for a trotter before, save Pocahontas. Rarus attracts more attention than he otherwise would from the fact that he is without pedigree." 

Excerpt from Life With the Trotters, John Splan, 1889
I knew that in Mr. Bonner, Rarus had acquired an owner whose fame as the purchaser of the fastest trotters in the world was accompanied by the knowledge that every horse belonging to him received during his lifetime as good care as could be given any human being. I knew that as long as Rarus might live it would always be his portion to receive from experienced grooms every attention that was necessary for his well-being and comfort. I knew that the bodily ailments that were to come with increasing age would be attended to in the most skillful manner, and that under no circumstance would he be parted with, for it is a rule of Mr. Bonner's life that no one of the famous horses that he owns shall be sold; and the history of Dexter, Pocahontas, and the two old mares-about the first fast pair that Mr. Bonner ever owned, Lady Palmer and Flatbush Maid-had told this to the world. 

Praise for Hampton Terrace

This thank you is overdue--hectic holiday season, especially when we decided to take a weekend out to relax! We really enjoyed your warm hospitality and LOVELY home. Susan has a creative and elegant touch. I enjoyed chatting with you over breakfast and appreciated all the "tips." We will certainly return to lovely Lenox and would enjoy staying at your home again. I will be happy to recommend Hampton Terrace to any friend who might be traveling your way. P.S. My husband said our weekend was everything he had hoped for, and that was in large part due to where we stayed.

Toni S.

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