Berkshire Mountain Bakery: A magical transformation of simple ingredients.

Does anything beat the smell of fresh-baked bread? There’s certainly not much that does, and Berkshire Mountain Bakery is the place to get your fresh-baked bread fix.

Since 1986, this European-style bread bakery has been transforming flour into magic. chocolate

Traditional baking methods and sourdough leavening give their breads artisan quality.  Owner Richard Bourdon was originally a musician – but was called to baking on a whim, while studying music. He spent many years baking in a variety of European locations, learning his craft, before settling in Western MA – and growing his business from a one-man operation, to one with over a dozen employees, baking oodles of bread. Learn more about the bakery and their baking methods at the Berkshire Mountain Bakery website.

There’s more than bread to be discovered – they also produce cookies, and take-n-bake pizzas, as well as pre-baked crusts that you can use to make your own pizzas. Preview their tasty products here. Offerings include  savory Cheese and Herb, spicy Jalapeno & Cheese Ciabatta, surprising Cherry Pecan…and so many more.

The Housatonic, MA, bakery is open year-round, Monday through Saturday 8am to 7pm and Sundays from 8:30a.m. to 6p.m. Take a peek at this article from Saveur Magazine, December 2012 where they declare Berkshire Mountain’s loaves to be far more than merely delicious.

Stock up on delicious loaves…then come cozy up by the fire here at Hampton Terrace while you enjoy them…

Photo from the Berkshire Mountain Bakery website…