The Berkshire Museum…Aquarium?!

timthumbClownfish. Puffer Fish. Coral Reef. These are not the usual museum offerings! But the Berkshire Museum is not just any museum (we flatly deny the possibility that we are displaying any pro-Berkshires bias). It also houses a cinema (more on that in an upcoming post)…why not an aquarium?

The aquarium, housed on the lower floor of the museum, boasts “more than twenty aquarium tanks ranging in size from 30 to 535 gallons.” The self-guided Aquarium Fish Hunt is a great family activity, geared to younger visitors and their grown-up companions (though we’re sure nobody’s stopping grown-ups in general from enjoying it).

A highlight of the aquarium is the live coral reef. As detailed on the museum website:
“The Museum’s live coral reef tank contains roughly 25 species of coral, in addition to a variety of other invertebrates and fishes. Coral reefs are the basis of diverse communities of beautiful and fascinating organisms like giant clams, sea cucumbers, shrimp, and cowries. The coral themselves have a symbiotic relationship with the photosynthetic algae that dwell within the coral and produce food consumed by the coral.” More than a museum exhibit, it’s a participatory lesson in biology and ecology.

After you’ve explored the aquarium and acquainted yourself with the creatures of the deep, take to the skies with the museum’s Taking Flight: Audubon and The World Of Birds exhibit (it’s new).  Teaser from the museum webpage:
“More than thirty original Havell prints from The Birds of America paired with bird specimens from the Museum’s collection comprise the centerpiece of the exhibition. Learn how Audubon’s obsession drove him to extremes to produce the watercolors for the engravings that comprise the most valuable book in the world.”
The Berkshire Museum…it’s a month’s-worth of days of adventure, all rolled up into one cool destination.