Berkshire Theater Schedules Consolidated


berkshire_theaters-resized-600Facebook is wonderful.   I resisted at first…even canceled my account at one point…but now that I am connected to hundreds of friends and fans, new stuff is hitting my radar daily.


kevin_spragueKevin Sprague has always been my friend, but as of last week, he is a Facebook friend, and I am getting daily revelations from him.

As owner of Studio Two in Lenox, Kevin does website, publication work, photography and marketing for many of the arts groups in the Berkshires.   I think that is the tip of the iceberg actually.   He is also on the boards of many organizations, including several with me.

shakespeareI guess he is best known for creating the public face of Shakespeare & Company with photograph collages that have graced all of their posters and programs for a decade.

berkshire_creativeHe is also on the Board of the Berkshire Creative Economy, and in this capacity, I assume, he has taken on the project (probably gratis, knowing him) of making theater-going in the Berkshires easier to wrap your arms around.

He has created a website called:

There are thirteen stages listed, and the home page is quite concise:  What is COMING UP.   And there is a tab for THIS WEEK  and THIS MONTH.   Simple clicks for “read more” and “buy tickets” for each show.

This is a great idea.   At Hampton Terrace we are always asked “what is going on this weekend?,” or even “is there any theater th weekend of June 6th when we will be there?”  Problem solved.

Berkshire theaters are world-class.   I mean really world-class.   Both the Berkshire Theatre Festival and Williamstown Theatre Festivals have won Tony’s for “Best Regional Theater.”  Barrington Stage Company won two Tony’s for “Putnam County Spelling Bee,” which started as an improv workshop and found its way to Broadway literally the next year.  Shakespeare & Company has been around 30+ years doing nationally recognized productions, many having nothing to do with actual Shakespeare.   The Colonial and Mahaiwe Theaters book national touring companies and performers.