Berkshires Specialties: Barrington Coffee Company

The Berkshires aren’t a place to come for a cookie cutter vacation experience. We are rich with unique natural environs, and many, many, unique, local businesses. Specialty shops abound – one of these, is Barrington Coffee Company, an artisan coffee roaster that calls Lee, MA, home.

Over the past 25 years, and with the rise of Starbucks as a national phenomenon, Americans have become much more aware of the world of coffee, not just the grounds to be found in an airtight can. Just as Starbucks rose to become an international phenomenon, smaller, local roasters have emerged as connoisseurs and educators, keepers of the artisan coffee flame.

Barrington Coffee Company, are indeed, bean connoisseurs. Since 1993 they have been roasting internationally-sourced beans to perfection. They hold cuppings at their roastery in Lee, MA (they also have a café in Boston) and you can purchase product to take home in the roastery store. Essentially, it’s a culinary souvenir that you can share with friends and family back home. img_5043-575x700

The Berkshire Blend is a great one to start with – in their words, it is:

“Bold and luxurious, this coffee combines the dense body that is found in the finest Indonesian coffees with the up front liveliness of coffees from the Americas. It yields a uniquely complex cup with hints of fruit and a sweet chocolatey smooth finish.”

When the descriptions start to sound like the fruits of a wine-tasting, you know you’ve met real coffee people. Indeed, coffee tasting is a similar type of experience. A treat for those who are already coffee lovers, but surprising and fun as well, for those new to the discovery of fresh, artisan roasted coffee.

Savor the flavors of the Berkshires!