Berkshires Winter: Mushing with Hilltown Wilderness Adventures

Ever wondered what it might be like to travel via dog sled? Wonder no longer! When we say the Berkshires boast a variety of adventures to be had, both indoors and out, we couldn’t be more serious – and here’s an adventure you won’t find just anywhere: Dog sledding. hilltown_mushers

Hilltown Wilderness Adventures in West Chesterfield, MA, leads hiking and biking excursions in the warmer months, fishing and kayaking too…but the winter means snow and snow means sledding, and sledding at Hilltown means sledding with their team of Alaskan Malamute mushers. They also do dry-land sledding in snowless times of the year. But can you imagine the rush of sailing through the snowy scenery, pulled by a team of enthusiastic canines?

The dry-land (snowless) mushing activities include, per the Hilltown website:

• Scenic ATV Fall Foliage Rides

• Dog “Cart” Rides

• Learn How to Bikejor (biking) or Cani-Cross (jogging) with a Dog Attached

• Racing “Rig” Rides

• Demonstrations

• Parties

The Hilltown Team is made up of an extremely handsome pack of Alaskan Huskies. Alaskan Huskies are considered to me more a type of dog, than a specific breed of dog – and this type of dog is famous for sled racing. They are a mixture of native, indigenous dogs, and more modern, European types of dog. They’re smaller than you might think, at only 40-60 lbs, and they come in every color of the canine rainbow, including classic looks that are attributed to Huskies, in shades of black/white or grey/white.

You can be a passenger behind these fine animals, or even learn to drive the team, it’s up to you. You’ll need to contact them directly, for rates and such, and you can do so through the Hilltown Wilderness Adventures website.

That fantastic photo of the dogs is also from the Hilltown Wilderness Adventures website.


Who says a romantic getaway can’t include adventure…?