The Berkshires do winter right…

Here in New England, we have mastered the art of entertaining one’s self in the winter time. In heavily be-snowed seasons, it’s critical to get out, get moving, and stay warm while you’re doing it. It’s a gift, really, the beautiful, white winter and the creativity it prompts.

While we’re less heavily be-snowed than usual this winter, there have still been some great days to enjoy the outdoors (or frankly, enjoy the indoors with a cup of hot cocoa, if that’s what you prefer!). There’s downhill skiing of course, but downhill isn’t the only game in town. Any cross country fans in the audience? You’re in luck…there are lovely cross-country and snow-shoeing trails very near us in the Berkshires.

The Western Mass Cross Country Ski Area Association is a terrific resource for those who love to enjoy the magic of the countryside on skis. Their site links to information about seven ski areas, events, has a map laying out the location of each area, and more. There are options for skiers of all levels, trails designed by award-winning trail designers…something for a whole family, or just for the two of you.

Need to information about local weather? Obviously you can use internet sources for gauging the snow levels during your visit, but we’re also happy to answer any questions you may have from the ground level. We want your stay to be as fun as possible and we’re in the business of making sure you have what you need to make that happen. Call us anytime at 800-203-0656.