British Invasion!! 100% of Hampton Terrace Guests from the UK


 Union Jack

It is a good thing we are current on Doctor Who.   In looking at today’s guest list, we have 16 guests on the property.   12 are from Britain, and 4 are from Australia.   Two other English couples left this morning.

Having a number of European guests during Foliage Season is typical.   I once asked someone from London why they have to fly across the ocLenox Fall Foliageean to Lenox to see fall color, and she told me leaves turn from green to brown in Europe.

Susan, Lauren and I found ourselves in London one November and we saw exactly that.

That is not to say we have not had our share of visitors from Florida, Texas and California this week.   But this is causing me to stock up on my English Breakfast and Earl Gray tea bags.

Fall Foliage got an early start this year, with some trees showing brilliant red, orange and yellow in late September.  But I would estimate 70% of the trees are still green around us, so the best is yet to come.