Check Out the NEW Hampton Terrace Website


Every once and a while, we have to shake things up.   So….for something completely different…CLICK HERE

Hampton Terrace has been a Lenox inn since 1937.   When Susan and I bought the property in 1999, we created its first website, which took us to about 2007.   Until then, a website was one of many marketing tools available to hospitality properties.   Now….I would venture to say we don’t take a single reservation which did not start with a look at our website.  All of our marketing strategies aim toward getting a potential guest to peek at, and hopefully result in an online booking or phone call.

Our 2007 redesign centered around all new inn photography, and we enjoyed a 25% rise in business literally overnight.

In 2012, we changed things up again, to freshen up the website experience.   But that was a transition period, as more and more people are viewing us on different screens: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  Regardless of the format, the experience must be successful, so our 2015 version is the latest adaptive technology.

This new website, first and foremost, simplifies your on-line experience.   We are attempting to make it easier than ever to check our availability and see our rooms with a minimum number of clicks.   We also have a NEW ONLINE BOOKING ENGINE, which shows are rooms in more detail and expedites the check out process.

TAKE A LOOK.   If you are seeing the website on your phone, then try again later on your laptop.

It is working?   This is purely anecdotal because a number of factors come into play.   2014 was our best June-October period ever.  The Berkshire Eagle featured Hampton Terrace in a front-page article, pointing out our high occupancy, compared to other Berkshire hotels and Lenox inns.  But the reservations came in late.  Almost last minute.

However, our 2015 summer is very crowded already.    Many weekends are already sold out, or are close to it.  Is that because of our website?   Couldn’t have hurt.