A Classic Yet Modern Destination: Hancock Shaker Village


Hancock Shaker Village, located in Pittsfield, MA, is just a wee journey from that cozy room that you booked at Hampton Terrace. Many people think of the Shakers in the past tense, and their way of life as something to be memorialized in a museum-like way. Interestingly, however, their simple way of life has very much become cool again and in a way in which modern people can participate.

The Shakers were truly innovative thinkers and their functional approach to design is world-renowned for its beauty and practicality. They proved over and over, through their furniture, production inventions, and more, that the simplest approach is often the best approach. Did you know that the Shakers invented the flat broom? Completely true.

These days, Hancock Shaker Village is a place you can go to learn skills for authentic and sustainable living, hands-on. Interested in keeping chickens? Sustainable gardening? Woodworking or timber framing techniques? Cabinetmaking? Quilting? Beekeeping? You can even join a CSA at the Village – probably not useful to the out of town guest, but still interesting to note that they are maintaining their gardens for the purpose that they were intended.

They also offer a “Choose Your Own Shaker Adventure” option for visitors. You get to choose from a variety of adventure possibilities to create your experience: Learn a Shaker Song and Dance, Calf Stroll, and Shakers’ Sustainability are just some of your choices.

Lots to see AND do at Hancock Shaker Village!