Why Come to the Berkshires in January?

2008_susan_camera_008_1Anyone who has been to Lenox during Tanglewood Season knows that this is one of the premier destinations in the world. That is seconded by National Geographic Traveler (#7 on their list). The world-class level of our attractions, shops, galleries and restaurants is attributed to the quantity and the quality of our visitors.

What if we were to drastically reduce the quantity? That would be the Berkshire off-season. Yes, Tanglewood is covered with snow, and the live theaters have limited offerings (notice I said limited instead of none), and some of the historic house tours do not attempt to heat spaces that even the Gilded Age crowd knew could not be kept warm in January….but….everything else is yours: all of the museums, the vast majority of the shopping and restaurants…plus the addition of skiing and all descriptions of winter sports and activites. The inns are about 30% less….they are flexible with their minimum night stays (you won’t find a 3-night minimum).

At Hampton Terrace we also help you ease into relaxation mode by offering a $30 credit at the local wine/gourmet food shop in town…and then by giving you full access to our self-service family heirloom bar from the 1940s. January is snowy, but we have 17 fireplaces on our property. 17. How is that possible?

Maybe I am biased because I like to eat….but I think the best thing about January in the Berkshires is walk-in access to scores of highly-rated, interesting restaurants. About a dozen within walking distance, and several notables in every surrounding town. Many feature off-season fixed price, multiple course menus.

I have a lot more things I can add here….but why don’t I continue with a Part 2 tomorrow?