Connect Berkshire Film Festival, A Small Good Thing, Hampton Terrace?

A Small Good Thing

While filming the award-winning documentary, “A Small Good Thing,” producers and crew stayed at Hampton Terrace in Lenox.  THAT is why you are reading about this here.

Academy Award-Winning Director Pamela Tanner Boll, and Producers Paula Kirk and Kerthy Fix spent many weeks here over roughly two years, while they interviewed and filmed people A Small Good Thingall throughout the Berkshires.   We set up our six-bedroom carriage house to be their “home base.”

They were wonderful to host and each has been back since, unrelated to the film, to share the inn with their husbands and kids.

“A Small Good Thing” asks integral questions about “quality of life” and whether the American Dream is still the lure of upward mobility.   The larger car.   The big box house.  Chasing the never-ending carrot at the end of the stick.   Stress.   Depression.  Or... should the American dream be replaced by personal fulfillment, family, community.…..?

Winner of last month’s Boston International Film Festival, Boll’s films tend to garner numerous international awards, and it will be interesting to see the list grow.   The exclaims it “delivers big insightful perspectives on happiness.”

“A Small Good Thing” will be shown at the Berkshire Film Festival from May 28 through May 31.   Tickets and information are available HERE.

A Facebook page for “A Small Good Thing” is HERE.

So why did Boll, Kirk and Fix choose Hampton Terrace  When deciding on a location for the film, they asked someone at Canyon Ranch where they should stay for long periods of time.   The reply…Hampton Terrace.   They went to dinner that night at Nudel and asked the waitress.   She replied Hampton Terrace.

A visit to us the next day sealed the deal, as the 6-bedroom carriage house – which also has a living room – was perfect for a film crew of 4 to 6 for each visit, offering privacy and modern accommodations.

Hampton Terrace is one of the original Berkshire Cottages, becoming an inn in 1937.   We have owned it since 1999 and have completely upgraded and renovated the entire property.   14 guest rooms in 3 buildings, all with private baths, HD TVs, free WiFi and A/C.  An outdoor heated pool and full, complimentary breakfast buffet.  Rated #1 on TripAdvisor in Lenox with over 750 reviews.

We are very proud to call Pam Boll, Paula Kirk and Kerthy Fix our friends and wish “A Small Good Thing” wonderful success, a broad reach and many awards.

More importantly, we hope it can help change lives…