Culinary Tourism: New York City in the Berkshires? No, Vice Versa.


In an earlier post, I championed Berkshire chefs….especially those who support the “farm to table” movement.  The benefits of such policies are evident:   local ingredients are fresher, sustainable, and support small businesses, who in turn reinvest in our community.

Great stuff.   But the food has to be good.  Better than good….the majority of Berkshire visitors come from the greater New York City area….a place where dining options are rampant and mediocre attempts are crushed.  So the challenge is to attract and satisfy some of the most critical “foodies” on earth.   Culinary tourism.

And it seems our local chefs are succeeding.   To quote the press announcement:

Dinner Highlights Culinary Culture of the Berkshires

On February 4, 2011, the James Beard Foundation presents The Whole Berkshire Hog, an evening showcasing the culinary talents and farm-to-table efforts of several of the most innovative chefs of the Berkshire region. The foods prepared will be raised, grown and foraged in the Berkshire region.

james_beard_resizedThe Berkshire region is known for its rolling hills and fertile valleys; there are over 66,000 acres of farmland in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. This is the second event by a group of like-minded Berkshire chefs to present the multifaceted culinary artisanship of the region in a venue with the mission “to celebrate, preserve, and nurture America’s culinary heritage and diversity.” The Berkshire area boasts a distinctive culinary movement characterized by a group of sophisticated chefs whose culinary styles are informed by the ever-changing bounty of New England’s seasons and the spirit of collaboration that pervades this close-knit group of farmers, producers and chefs. The unique culinary culture of the Berkshires is informed by an historical farming culture of dairy, orchards and raising animals on pasture (pasture is the county’s biggest “crop,” contributing to the year-round sustainability of the region’s farms.)  There is a distinctive body of work being produced by Berkshire chefs through the crafts of charcuterie and butchery.


restaurant_deals_imageAll that being said, we know that our guests only have a few nights (or less) to pick the right restaurant.   So here at Hampton Terrace we share the feedback from literally tens of thousands of opinions.  From now until June, it is a great time to visit Lenox, let us buy you a few bottles of wine (our Romantic Weekend Special includes a $30 credit at the local wine shop), and send you to enjoy a fantastic dinner.    And for a limited time only, many of these restaurants are offering fixed-price tasting menus.   For a list CLICK HERE.