Darlingside at Mass MoCA: Classic Harmonies


Darlingside are a home-grown treat for music fans. Based in Northhampton, MA, this string-rock quintet raises the bar for musicianship among their pop-rock peers, making music at the intersection of rock, classical, and folk music. The band just released their debut full-length album ‘Pilot Machines’ and are currently shaking rafters along the eastern seaboard with their vibrant live shows.

Pilot Machines, was recorded with producer Nathaniel Kunkel (Sting, Crosby/Nash, Maroon 5). Darlingside takes their audience on a meticulously-crafted journey into and back out of a song, a journey through layers of sound. Mandolin, cello, guitar, drums, a vibrating chorus of vocals and the songwriting efforts of each of five members make for a rich sonic experience.

April 13th they appear on home turf at Mass MoCA, always a hotbed of the up and coming.

Enjoy a sampling of their music at their website. Tickets for this hometown appearance are available at the Mass MoCA website.