If Don Draper Hosted A Party In Outer Space…And You Were Invited

We’ve always promised we’ll let you know when cool stuff is going on in the Berkshires. Mark your calendars. The – hands down – coolest party of the year is March 9 and, incidentally, Susan and I are chairing the event. The annual fundraising event for the IS183 Art School is an outrageous affair every year.

Previous themes included “Anime Hothouse”, “Hair Ball” and “Radioactive Bodega”. Last year’s party was the “Buckaroo Bollywood Ball.” Of course, we have a great special for you at Hampton Terrace that weekend…but more on that in a moment. specialevents-large-2
Confirmed partygoers are already planning their outfits for the event, as every year they try to devise costumes that will be more elaborate than last year’s. Some will be dressed for the party at the creative center of the universe in space-suits and skinny ties, others in retro-swing dresses and pin curls beneath gamma-ray protecting helmets.  Those needing more inspiration can see pictures and ideas at the event’s website.

20130215-131722IS183’s annual galas have evolved into ephemeral, large-scale  participatory art events, as scores of volunteers contribute time and20130215-131754 creativity to construct a one-night-only multimedia installation, and this year will be no exception. Projections by Drew Suto will flow around dancers electro-swinging until 1 a.m. thanks to music by JTD Productions, featuring a contemporary mash-up of house and dance music with jazz and big band.

We’re so excited about the event, we’d like to invite as many of our friends to attend as possible. Anyone who books a two-night stay at Hampton Terrace for the weekend will receive two complimentary tickets to join Susan and I at the dance party (a $100 value).

If you want to attend a party hosted by Don Draper in outer space, you won’t want to miss this one. Type BigBang in the “arrival time” field when you book online to have your dance party tickets waiting for you when you arrive. If you’d like to enjoy more of the event, tickets at all levels can be purchased online at www.is183.org, or call 413-298-5252 x100.