A Great Way To Explore In The Fall: Housatonic Heritage Walks

Housatonic Heritage Walks are precisely what they sound like: A wonderful way to explore the outdoors AND the history along the winding Housatonic River. The walks are a partnership of the many heritage organizations of the Upper Housatonic River Valley, the National Park Service and the Berkshires Visitors Bureau.

The great thing about a tour like this is that you are guaranteed to discover something interesting – and you are also sure to learn about something that you never would heritage_logo_1_texthave even known to look for or ask about as a tourist. These walks are curated by experts on the history and the landscape of the area – you’re in good hands.

The next and final weekend of Housatonic Heritage Walks is coming up on October 5and 6, 2013. The weekend includes not just one walk option, but MANY. And there are a variety of types of walks. There are short walks; there are long walks. There are walks that take you through towns. There are walks that let you soak in nature. Walks can include kayaking, birding, and exploration of old ruins. See? Are you excited yet? If not, maybe you just need to know that there are 21 walks to choose from throughout the weekend…!

You can explore Herman Melville’s Berkshires by exploring the woodland behind the Moby Dick writer’s estate, Arrowhead. You can explore the little hamlet of Van Deusenville, in Great Barrington – file that one under, bet you didn’t even know you could. Learn about energy technology at Hancock Shaker Village (the Shakers were very cutting edge for their time in the areas of technology and design). Go birding at Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary. Take a gravedigger’s tour! So many possibilities. Truly an offering that will appeal to everyone in this mix.

Each tour is a different length, and they vary in physical challenges, so you will want to check the description for each tour to see if they are a good fit for you. Many of them also have folks you can contact for more information.

Never a dull moment in the Berkshires – unless of course, that’s your plan!