The Greening of the Berkshires

grassWith the bad comes the good.   By all accounts, this was the worst winter on record in the Berkshires…over 100 inches of snow and temperatures that averaged under 20 degrees for three months.  That caused the snow to pile higher and higher, causing damage to pretty much everything:  roofs, roads, shrubs…

Now the good: all of the melting snow and runoff has caused a saturation of the ground that is resulting in the greenest, thickest grass I have ever seen.   Bare trees have exploded in foliage.

pondYesterday, we took Susan fishing for Mother’s Day.  Yes, that is what she asked for….so we drove from Lenox down to Benedict Pond in South County.   The vistas…the valleys, pastures and rolling mountains were so vivid that if someone had painted them in oil….you just would not accept it as real.

On a related note, the road to the top of Mount Greylock opens in a week, a chance to see all of Western Massachusetts in one sweeping panoramic vista.

See you soon.