Hampton Terrace Featured in BedandBreakfast.com Blog



Things are tough for many people and it would seem that travel is an unnecessary expense for some at this point. However, research is showing that the vast majority of people are still planning, and say they still need, a break from their normal routine. So most do not plan to cut back on the number of days they plan to spend on vacation. What has changed is WHERE they are going.

Deep discounts notwithstanding, destination resorts such as Las Vegas and Hawaii are down. Cruise ship revenue is WAY down, although the ships are continuing to fill and sail with deeply discounted packages. Some destinations are doing okay during this recession, however, and Hampton Terrace is an example of that. BedandBreakfast.com is the #1 directory on the Internet, featuring 7,000+ b&bs and inns, and on March 18th their blog went into this very subject. Hampton Terrace was featured.

In summary, we had our best January/February period ever….up 30% from 2008 and 50% compared to 2007. Our summer pre-bookings to this point are up 20% compared to 2008, and 40% compared to 2007.

My unresearched assumption is that people are staying closer to home. They are driving instead of flying. They are looking for value….which is a hallmark of an “inn” experience. In other words, you could pay $200 for a hotel room that is the same whether you are in Chicago or Atlanta….or pay $200 to stay in a historic home that is unique and hopefully memorable. Add the undeniable fact that Lenox and the Berkshires offer more activities, entertainment and outdoor possibilities than any region deserves to possess…all located within several hours of the entire Northeast population…..thus the probable reason for our uptick. Knock on wood.

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