The Innkeepers Blog: Things On Wheels Edition!

Last year was the inaugural one for what will now be an annual event: The Berkshire Cycling Classic. June 9th, the second annual Berkshire Cycling Classic comes to Lenox.  The race will begin and end on Church Street and will be followed by a post-event reception in the center of town for cyclists.  This race is more than just a race, however, and the event includes activities scheduled in Lenox during the day as well.

The event website shows a map for the 100 or 130 km race (your choice). Cyclists will speed through the towns of Stockbridge, South Lee, West Otis, Sandisfield, New Marlborough, Sheffield, Alford and more. You can be a participant – or, really embrace the role of spectator, taking in sights along the race route, or indulging in the Lenox-based race events.

Now for a completely different type of wheeled vehicle event: On Friday, June 14th, Lenox hosts the Lenox Motorcar Classic from 6-9 pm.  Classic cars and sexy_vintage_cartrucks will be seen on the streets and come to rest for display at the closed-to-traffic portion of Main Street. A collection of vintage military vehicles and fire trucks will be a part of the festivities as well, in addition to some non-auto related events: Local band Whiskey City is slated to perform in the adjacent Library Reading Park, and food and drink will be available.  Raffle tickets priced at $20 are available now if you call 637-3646. The grand prize is a day at the Skip Barber Driving School, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Lenox Fire Department.

Both of these events are just a short walk from the Hampton Terrace threshold, thanks to our extremely convenient location. If you ever have questions about events such as these, or any other Berkshires events that you may need some local guidance on, don’t hesitate to call us – that’s why we’re here!