Kripalu Accommodations verses Hampton Terrace, a Lenox Inn


Kripalu is considered one of the premier yoga retreats in the world. Its programs attract thousands to the Berkshires. Not well known is the fact that their accommodations are spartan… the majority of their rooms are dormitory style, holding 6-22 people with bathrooms at the end of the hall. They do have a limited number of private, or semi-private options at a price much higher than staying at a local inn.

We frequently host Kripalu program participants at Hampton Terrace Inn in Lenox. To stay beyond Kripalu, you would pay a $100 guest fee, which includes use of all Kripalu facilities including meals. Then you would pay for the program and services you use. At Hampton Terrace Inn, mention our Kripalu Special, and we will give you a king or queen room with fireplace and Jacuzzi, daily housekeeping, private bath……for $199/night (available November through May, excluding holiday weekends.)

We are located one mile from Kripalu….about a 2 minute drive.

This is $199 per room…..not $199 per person. Compare that to the cost for dormitory, semi-private, or private options at Kripalu…..and you would choose a highly rated local inn EVERY time. Share a room, and the difference is profound.

Room prices are not obvious on the Kripalu website. Take the overall charge….deduct the cost of the program you are attending, which is listed separately, then deduct $100/day for the number of nights you will be paying the daily…and then the balance is what you are paying for your room. Compare that number to us at $199/night. We know you will be checking with us for availability.

Call us at (413) 637-1773 to request this special rate.

*$199 rate is available November through May, excluding holiday weekends. Breakfast at the inn is not included at this discounted rate, but is provided as part of the Kripalu day pass. Rates for other dates may vary based on availability and season.