Lenox and the Berkshires in June. BEST VALUE

I have always said come to our inn in June or September.   The rates are still off-season, for most part, and almost everything is gearing up for the summer or still going full strength.

I have to admit…at the moment, I am in a place that is SO FAR from civilization that I have no cell service (Verizon..what happened?) and I am paying for internet by the minute using a card I purchased from the front desk of our hotel.

Yes, we are in Dominican Republic…and for those with Google maps in front of you…we are in the upper right corner, at the end of the Samana Peninsula.   Hola!

donkeyWe are neck deep in the third world for 10 days.   Hola!

But this is our break….so onward soldiers, onward…

I know the importance of staying in touch with those who need to call or e-mail me, so thankfully I paid my credit cards down and my sister-in-law Lynn is running the inn and managed to unforward the inn phone from my cell to hers.   So the calling part is handled.   And I have some internet.

And I know how important it is to try to stay in touch with our guests and prospective guests via our blog.

So imagine my relief to find a link today that I can send you to which describes a LOT of good reasons to consider a June trip to Lenox, the Berkshires and Hampton Terrace.

Called BerkshireLinks.com, I highly recommend checking this list out.   And then check our website for availability.    Our pool will be open and our rates will stay below $200/night for every night in June except for June 17/18, June 24/25 and June 30.