Lenox Collaborations: Hampton Terrace and MacKimmie Co.


MacKimmie Co

Collaborations are usually win/win.   Hampton Terrace is walking distance from a number of REALLY interesting shops.   Usually it is easy to forget that, as we tout the merits of our local historic houses, theaters, museums, restaurants, spas and outdoor activities.

Doris and Vytas Barsauskas relocated MacKimmie Co. Home and Gift from Marblehead, Massachusetts to Lenox earlier in the year.   They sell high-end designer throws, blankets, pillows and loungewear – a perfect thing to consider now that Lenox is dipping below freezing.

Doris and Susan started a conversation several weeks ago about how our businesses might promote each other, and that resulted in a “Private Sale” with wine and cheese last Saturday night at Hampton Terrace.   The fact that almost all of our guests stopped by between 5:30 and 7:00 to enjoy the comraderie demontrates that collaborations such as this are a natural fit.

Doris and Vytas displayed their beautiful wares all around our living room, and with aMacKimmie Co fireplace roaring and John Coltrane playing in the background, several dozen of our guests were able to see MacKimmie Co.’s offerings.   All guests of Hampton Terrace were offered a 20% discount on their total inventory until the end of the year.  

Not that there is a connection, but I just received an e-mail from Elizabeth Aspenleider, Communications Director at Shakespeare & Company, asking if I thought Hampton Terrace guests might like a 30% discount to Private Eyes, running through November 9th.  She also asked if we would consider a blast-email to our 8,500-couple mailing list about their holiday production, in trade for a similar promotion about Hampton Terrace to their 16,500-person list.   Yep.  We’ll go for that.

I am going to chalk all of this up to the joys of living in a small town, where successful collaborations raise all ships.