Literary Death Match: A Hilarious Linguistic Romp at The Mount


The Berkshires are no stranger to literary events, but this particular literary event redefines literary, and turns it into a bit of a spectator sport. The Literary Death Match, set for September 20th from 6-10pm at our near neighbor, The Mount, mixes language, liquor and humor into a cocktail of fun – fun that may not be entirely appropriate for younger audiences, but is guaranteed to entertain more mature visitors.

Literary readings and commentary will be delivered by Berkshires luminaries, and they will be joined by Literary Death Match creator, Adrian Todd Zuniga. Literary Death Match has entertained audiences in 37 cities around the world – in addition to its regular installations in New York City, San Francisco, and London.

A Literary Death Match is a competitive, performance-based presentation, by four famous or emerging writers – each writer is given no more than 7 minutes to deliver their best writing to the audience, with humor at the core. Three judges then critique the performances, no-holds-barred, and select the finalists, who will compete in what is described by Literary Death Match HQ as a finale “which trades in the show’s literary sensibility for an absurd and comical climax to determine who takes home the Literary Death Match crown”. It’s wild, irreverent, and chaotic, by design. Visit the website for a further taste of the madness.

Would Edith Wharton, the Mount’s most famous resident, approve of these unconventional literary exploits? She did write many of her novels here, at her Berkshires retreat, including The House Of Mirth. Writer of 85 short stories, she was not opposed to shorter format literary exploration. Known for her astute characterizations of upper class life in her time, often criticizing the same, she was a witty and clever writer. We can only assume that she might enjoy the cast of characters assembled upon her property, engaged in a battle of wits.

Admission is $10 for Mount members, $12 General Admission/$15 at the door, $8 for students with ID. You may purchase tickets online or at the door as they remain available.

And talk about an easy walk back to your room at Hampton Terrace. It doesn’t get easier than this!