Mass MoCA

In the category of “indoor fun” (no snickers please) may we nominate: Mass MoCA, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Mass MoCA is another destination with something for grownups, something for kids and of course something for those who have perhaps not yet decided which category they fit into (it’s cool, no pressure). It’s a unique arts destination because it includes galleries/visual arts, workshops, and performance (music, theater, dance, film, video, film with live music, dance parties…yes, dance parties…and more) rather than focusing on only one type of art.

Their “This Week At Mass MoCA” link makes it easy to find out what’s happening once you’re here but their site is chock full o’ information to help you plan a trip.

This link to their current visual art exhibits gives you a feel for the textures, themes, and landscapes both literal and figurative that are currently under exploration.

Into cinema? “The Loving Story” the story of an interracial couple that lived in Virginia in the 1960s (and how they changed history) is slated for February 15th.

For those with mini-me in tow – don’t miss their Kidspace activities and exhibits. Art making activities fall on Fridays through Sundays and during school vacations (planting that seed…) and keep small hands busy. Their current Kidspace exhibit is called “Under The Sea”…it features artist-created sea creatures and landscapes made from a variety of materials mundane and unusual…and some recycled.

Mass MoCA’s offerings are diverse and mostly indoor escape from the winter cold.