The Monterey General Store: A Feast For The Senses

No trip to New England is complete without a visit to a “general store”. And the Monterey General Store, at this point in its history is no run-of-the-mill general store – not that there would be anything wrong with it if it was. It’s just that this general store has melded history, style and culinary heaven in one fabulous location.

It had closed a few years back, but was re-opened in 2012 by restauranteur and artist, Scott Edward Cole. Cole was the proprietor of Caffe Pomo d’Oro in West Stockbridge, before taking on the project of restoring the general store’s building, monterey_general_store_pie_photo_2013_fband creating a new business where a store had already existed for nearly three centuries. The building has existed, perched on the bank of the Konkapot River, in Monterey, MA, since 1780.

The Monterey General Store participates in the locavore food culture of the Berkshires, featuring “local maple syrup, honey, goat cheese, vegetables, and artisanal craft items all created by our friends and neighbors”. Their house made foods also feature many local ingredients. Take a peek at their online Gallery to inspire your palate. You’ll also want to follow their Facebook page, to take in a visual feast (the photo to the right is from their Facebook page…wow).

The store has become a destination for visitors, but more importantly it has restored a sense of home to the town’s center. Locals can grab a cup of coffee, fresh local veggies, and other basics – and visitors can stop in for home-baked pies and treats, perfect for a picnic.

Reviews are great so far – come see what you think of this rejuvenated Berkshires classic.