Nailed It! Parks and Recreation’s Take on B&Bs. Accurate?



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Elsa Clack, Proprietor

Visit the QUIET CORN BED AND BREAKFAST website, and see what Amy Pohler and the Parks and Recreation writers consider your typical bed and breakfast experience. 

They absolutely NAILED the stereotype that I referred to in my blog entry called Romantic Getaways: 4 Ways to Pick the Perfect Inn or B&B.

In the entry I stated that 97% of the traveling public had never stayed in an inn or b&b….and never will.   Why?   Afraid of the above.

So to prove that most (and notice I said most) b&bs live in the modern age and provide guests at least what they hope to find in a hotel (good beds, private bathrooms, satisfying breakfasts, cleanliness, Wi-Fi, and on….), the Professional Association of Innkeepers has created a new website called BetterWaytoStay.comCheck it out.

paiiJay Karen, PAII’s CEO performed a Facebook survey yesterday, which shows the problem and the solution.  EDUCATION.   He asked everyone under Age 47 (Generations X and Y) to answer 5 questions.

1. For your next leisure trip, are you considering a bed and breakfast for lodging?

25% Yes
75% No

2. Open a new tab or browser window and go to the website Then, please come back to the survey.

3. What did you think of the site?

53% Funny or Cool
44% Indifferent
3% Offended

4. Did you click on anything?

61% Yes
39% No

5. After seeing or exploring the site, would you now consider a bed and breakfast on your next leisure trip?

79% Yes
21% No