Norman Rockwell’s Legacy: Jarvis Rockwell at the Norman Rockwell Museum

The name Rockwell looms large in the American consciousness as an icon of American illustration, but Norman Rockwell was just one member of a family of artists. His wife also experimented with sculpture, drew, and painted, his son Peter became a sculptor – and his son Jarvis has forged his own path of contemporary conceptual work. It is Jarvis’ work that is featured until October 20 at the Normal Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA. jrmaya

“Jarvis Rockwell: Maya, Illusion and Us” ( is a culmination of this Rockwell son’s life’s work so far, incorporating his fondness for concept, and his obsession with toys. Drawings and paintings from his early years are featured along with more recent constructed pieces. He will also work throughout the exhibit, on a drawing-in-progress, which will give visitors a chance to observe him at work.

Though his father was known for realism, the younger Rockwell says that reality is precisely what is explored through his own work, too – and that his father’s work was also, in its own way, a constructed reality.

An artist talk with Rockwell himself is set for August 15 at 5:30 at the Norman Rockwell Museum. His wife, Nova Rockwell, is an artist and educator and will lead a day of art exploration for children in conjunction with the exhibit, Monday through Friday, July 22 through 26, 10am to 3pm, for ages 7 to 12. Jarvis Rockwell will also be present for this event.

This is a unique chance to experience not only the work of Norman Rockwell, but also one facet the artistic legacy that he left behind.