Nudel, Hampton Terrace in Lenox Featured by off-Metro Again



“The tasty theme continues the next morning at Hampton Terrace B & B. Innkeeper Stan stays true to his Georgia roots with an eye-opening Southern-style morning repast.”


Last week, Allison Tibaldi, travel feature writer for New York City’s “off-Metro” website, called Hampton Terrace “One of the Northeast’s finest bed and breakfast establishments.”   THANK YOU, Allison!

But she has followed that article up with a feature on some of the Berkshires’ best restaurants as well, and she highlighted Nudel in Lenox:

Nudel’s buzz carries way beyond the Berkshires. It is fast becoming a destination restaurant, drawing diners from New York, Boston and beyond. Rising-star Bjorn Somlo has received multiple awards and nominations including Best Chef: Northeast by the James Beard Foundation. Nudel collaborates with top-notch local purveyors including Indian Line Farm and Berkshire Mountain Bakery. Passionate foodies will want to sit at the bar to get an unabridged look into the inner workings of the open kitchen. The menu is subject to dramatic changes, based on nature and freewheeling Chef Somlo’s whims. The ingredients are local, organic and ethically sourced. Expect pasta, vegetables prepared with rustic grains like millet, grass-fed meats and sophisticated seafood. The micro-sized dining room doesn’t accept reservations, so come early.

She closes the section on Nudel, by recommending visitors stay at Hampton Terrace, followed by the comments above concerning our Georgia roots and Southern-style breakfasts.

Breakfast at Hampton Terrace has evolved over the sixteen years that Susan and I have been owners.  We are the chefs, hosts, wait staff and bottle washers.   We have always been and that won’t change.

We have discovered, over the many years, that our guests want “comfort food” and as much of it as they desire.  To that end, we put out a buffet spread and encourage repeat visits.   One side table is reserved for beverages:   coffee, decaf coffee, hot water for tea (dozens of choices) and orange juice.    A cereal cart features three types of cold cereal, 1% milk and multiple choices of Greek-style yogurts.   Our main buffet table ALWAYS features fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cantelope, honeydew and bananas.   Plus a bread tray and toaster, with bread choices that include white, pumpernickel, cinnamon, multigrain, English muffins and cinnamon rolls.   And three flavors of Bonne Maman French preserves.

And then we change our hot entres’ every day.   As we said, we have ultimately landed with entres that people “recognize.”   FRENCH TOAST:   To make this more exciting our French toast mornings include three choices:   traditional, “cinammon burst,” and chocolate (chocolate bread with chocolate chips).   We use only heated, maple syrup.   BLUEBERRY PANCAKES:  not much explanation needed for this.   EGGS:   Some mornings we scramble eggs, but more often we come up with something creative.   Currently, our favorite is an Emeril recipe, Fresh corn and herb frittata, showcasing local corn fresh off the cob, three colors of peppers, swiss cheese, and herbs from our garden – fresh parsley, chives and basil.  MEATS:  Every morning there is a meat offered on the side.   Some mornings we offer either sausage links or patties.   Other mornings we offer smokehouse ham steaks – sliced thick and either grilled or sauteed with Coca-Cola.  And many mornings we show off our seasoned GRITS.   Some guests swear they come back year after year just for the grits.

We always alternate sweet days and savory days.   On the mornings we feature French toast or pancakes, we put out hard boiled and peeled eggs for those who seek additional protein.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS:   With notice, we are very pleased to make sure those who have dietary restrictions are accommodated.   We have soy or almond milk.  We have gluten-free breads and pancake mix.   Vegans and vegetarians have been very happy with how many things they can eat off our buffet, as are those who keep Kosher.  We cannot offer a Kosher kitchen, but many of our items can pass the test.

So back to Allison Tibaldi from off-Metro.   She is lucky to have been around for our “Three Flavors of French Toast” day.   She references our Southern roots, but had she been able to stay two nights, she woud have also been able to sample our ham with Coke glaze and cheesy seasoned grits.

Next time, Allison.

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