Objectify: A Look Into The Permanent Collection at The Berkshire Museum

As with any museum, the Berkshire Museum holds an extensive permanent collection of artwork – and like any other museum, it’s simply not possible to display it all at once. The Berkshire Museum’s permanent collection boasts 50,000 member pieces, including art, artifact, and interesting natural specimens.

Objectify is “a major new exhibition”, culled from that diverse collection, and presented in celebration of the Museum’s 110th anniversary. objectify1

This show has been intriguingly meta-curated and presented in the format of an exhibit in progress. The exhibit transforms from the first gallery to the last, from the aesthetic equivalent of a private viewing of the collection in storage, to an airy, contemporary presentation where works are given space to breath as individuals, and not just members of a collection. Selection of participating works was shaped around the idea “What will the next 100 years look like?”

As we discussed in an earlier blog post , the Berkshire Museum was founded on the enthusiasm, initiative, and initial collection of Zenas Crane, a third generation owner of the Crane & Company paper manufacturer, in 1903. Crane & Company still exists as a purveyor of papers and fine stationery, but also as the official paper supplier to the US Treasury. It seems fitting that a company with such a rich and long history, would have fueled the formation of what is now a century-old collection…indeed, what will the next 100 years bring, at the Berkshire Museum?

More information about visiting the Berkshire Museum is available at the website.