Patriots, Jets Game at Sports Bars near Hampton Terrace

imgdynHere is a subject I have never written about…sports bars around Hampton Terrace in Lenox.   This was inspired by a couple that just checked in.   SInce tonight’s important game is only being televised by the NFL Network, which is not carried by 65% of cable providers, they wanted to know where they could go to watch the game.

Although not a “sports bar” per se, The Heritage Tavern is the closest thing within walking distance.    A place where the locals hang, there is a pool table, peanut shells on the floor and wide screens in key places.   Recently remodeled, The Heritage has a typical bar menu of wings, burgers, wraps, pizzas and baskets of fried food.   Also within walking distance, many of the upscale restaurants in Lenox have televisions behind the bar:   Alta, Firefly, Prime Italian Steakhouse.    A different experience:   depends how you enjoy your game…with a $12 martini or a $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Open for less than a month, Halpins Pub and Grub is located on 7/20 North about a five minute drive from Hampton Terrace.   Jeff and Sue Halpin used to be regulars at The Heritage, so it will be interesting to see how their dive into the bar business might divide the Lenox bar crowd…but there is no doubt that Halpin’s is more of a sports bar model.   There are wide screens on every wall and the current renovation of the old “Sophie’s” restaurant is about as complete a gut job as you could do.   So since our couple was looking for a place where the game would be treated as more an event, than something that happened to be on the televisions, I sent them there.   The menu is very similar to The Heritage.

Another five minute drive north takes you into Pittsfield, where there are multiple choices….Bobby Hudpucker’s on North Street, Patrick’s Pub in the center of town (the best food on the list) and a new one, opening next week called “Jae’s Press Room,” which I am sure will be great.   Jae recently bought the “Spice” restaurant on North Street, which has been met with immediate success and lines at the front door.   Adjoining Spice was “Burger,” an extension of the same restaurant which recently closed so that Jae could transform that space into what I am sure will be the most upscale sports bar in the region.

At Hampton Terrace, we have twin 15-year-old sons, so our televisions are usually tuned to Sports Center or whatever the important game of the minute is.   Most of our guests are into the Patriots, Jets, Giants, Red Sox, Yankees, Celtics, Nets, or Knicks (well, maybe not the Knicks) and the Berkshire sports bars are a good mix of fans rooting for both sides of a rivalry.   Join us at Hampton Terrace and let us send you out to watch the game.