Peeking Beyond Hampton Terrace: Our Babies

Susan and I are spending a couple of days in El Paso, visiting our daughter, Victoria, her husband, Jeff and Emily (4), and Gracie (1).gracie

So far, our trip is memorable for our eating TOO MUCH! Last night we went to Cattleman’s Steak House….named in all lists as one of the best places in the country for a steak. Did not disappoint. Today they are taking us for barbecue, tomorrow is Mexican. I will report my net damage at the end of the trip.

Lynn, Susan’s sister is running Hampton Terrace. As usual, departing guests are sending us positive feedback. Lynn has lived with us over a year, and substitutes perfectly.

My son-in-law, Jeff, works for the Border Patrol.   Last night I spent his shift shot-gun as he roamed the El Paso/Juarez border.   Not to give anything away….but be sure to watch for tomorrow’s post.   I have pictures and stories….   Border Wars!

emily_2We will be back on Friday for a full weekend of guests.  But meanwhile, a little break from the snow is what we needed.   And a dose of grandkids…