Ready your spandex for the Berkshire Cycling Classic


May 6 brings a first – the first Berkshire Cycling Classic, brought to Lenox, MA by Sparta Cycling. A highlight of the event is the participation of German cyclist Erik Zabel. Zabel is known for his epic sprint skills. This will be his first cycling appearance in the US since the 1996 Olympics. His participation extends beyond simply cycling – he will also be making some speaking appearances as well.

The event offers cyclists (and spectators) two routes, one of 62 miles, and the other of 81 miles. The details on the event website make it sound really lovely from the participant perspective:

“Riders will be delighted with our 130km and 100km parcours, both featuring luscious scenery and challenging terrain as they sweep through the beautiful Berkshire Region. The routes will be fully supported by our experienced technical crew from Mavic USA, including two autos and two motorcycles to spearhead the rider support efforts. Additionally, area bicycle shops will set up “repair pits” along the racecourse. A broom wagon will follow the event, picking up riders unable to continue their efforts.

There will be three total feed zones, at the 30, 70 and 100 kilometer points, each manned by our trained staff and well-stocked with energy drinks, water, hot drinks (if the weather is cold), energy bars, small sandwiches, and fruits such as banana’s and sliced apples – The typical food a pro racer would find in his musette bag.”

Sounds like a Lenox destination event to us! That same lovely scenery is enjoyable by spectators as well, of course. They had us at “luscious”. Downloads of the course maps are available online, as are oodles of information about registration, volunteering, sponsors and more.

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Photo above courtesy of the event website.