A scrumptious world tour at our front door…

Okay we’ll admit it, we’re a bit spoiled here in the Berkshires…I mean…it’s the Berkshires. It’s beautiful here in any season, our cultural destinations are renowned, our recreational attractions – magnetic. But what do the Berkshires offer to a winter traveler?

There’s the romance of a cozy New England bed and breakfast in the winter (of course). There’s delicious restaurants…oh that’s right…delicious restaurants. Let’s alight on that topic for a moment, shall we? (Is blogging on an empty stomach a good idea? Hmmm….)

Patisserie…the word itself is practically delicious. And so is the menu of classic French pastries and cakes at Patisserie Lenox. A taste of Paris…of black currents and raspberries, and rich chocolate, lush mousses and dense ganaches…these are desserts that deliver an experience. Genoise is just a fancy way to say “cake” but you won’t care what it’s called when it’s paired with white chocolate and melting in your mouth.


Don’t stop at just Paris…the list of over 80 wines at Alta Wine Bar and Restaurant transports you to several more destinations…destinations that happen to grow beyond-delicious grapes. Cozy up with a plummy Merlot…get lost in a deep, dark Malbec. Envision the mountains of Chile or the plains of Argentina while swimming in a glass of the tasty stuff.  Go “sideways” over some golden Spanish Albariño. Not just a wine bar, Alta also offerings food pairings to augment your wine experience.

Savor the Berkshires themselves at Nudel “seasonally inspired food” that features locally-produced and organically-grown ingredients, whenever they are available. Their website even lists and links to the farms and artisans that produce those ingredients.

Having successfully piqued our own appetites, we certainly hope we’ve enticed yours as well…don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about local cuisine and winter offerings. ALL of our confirmations are accompanied by a “Dining List” that weeds out average restaurants and describes only the choices most loved by our guests…and us. And of course you can email us any time.