Special guests: the crew of A Small, Good Thing


There’s a lot we could say about the upcoming Pamela Boll documentary A Small, Good Thing but the official materials for the film do a lovely job:

“A Small, Good Thing is about leaving the big life behind to pursue what makes you truly happy. For the longest time we have been living as though the more we have the happier we will be. And yet, while our standard of living has improved, our happiness has not. The film will tell three stories of individuals moving away from a philosophy of more is better toward a more holistic conception of happiness, one based on a close connection to their bodies, to the natural world, and to spirituality.”

Pamela also directed Who Does She Think She Is, a film that explores the lives of women artists as they try to balance the work of living with the work of creating. She is also an Academy Award-winning Executive producer.

Her newest project is set here in the Berkshires and features Berkshire residents. That’s how we came to be hosting the film’s team here at the Inn, and we’re delighted to be able to provide a home base for them while they work.

Another online blurb about this exciting new project from Pamela and her team: Berkshirefilm.org