We have always prided ourselves on thorough sanitation and hygiene practices. We are very fortunate that our housekeepers, Antonia and Jose have each worked with us for more than 15 years, and have earned 5/5 from TripAdvisor for Cleanliness. Never-the-less, in addition to the stringent health standards we have always adhered to, we have added additional operational procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of all our guests during your stay. We plan to wear face masks during all person-to-person interactions at the inn. We will provide complimentary sanitizer wipes in each room and in public spaces. We will offer complimentary face masks. Below you will find additional precautionary measures we have implemented.

Assortment of delicious breakfast foods on plates at our Massachusetts boutique hotel

Picnic Basket Breakfasts

Our popular Breakfast Buffet will be suspended for the time being in favor of Picnic Breakfast Baskets, which can be picked up in our dining room or delivered to your room door. Our featured Innkeeper’s Special entrée will change daily with multiple choices of sides options. Each guest room will be equipped with a Keurig for coffee and tea.

Room Delivery: Since most of our guest rooms do not have side tables, we are now equipping each room with a set of foldable tv tables for your convenience.

Outdoor & Indoor Dining: Our dining room and three-season porch will be reconfigured to allow spaced dining options for up to six/eight couples. But the main intent of our Breakfast Picnic Baskets is to allow you to choose from many of our outdoor seating options around the property. Our main house has a beautiful side porch with multiple seating areas. Each king suite has its own private porch with chairs and table. The carriage house has both first and second floor porches with tables. Finally, our pool has Adirondack chairs and tables. Enjoy breakfast while enjoying our waterfall and chirping birds.

Assortment of wines with snacks on a tray

Refreshments Still Available

Our Family Heirloom Bar: One of the popular features of Hampton Terrace is our BYOB self-service bar and complimentary cognacs and liqueurs. On any given evening, you will find couples mingling there or in our adjoining living room. For the interim, we are advising sensible social distancing, but we plan to continue to stock our bar with glasses, plates and other items you might need in order to enjoy a cocktail or libation. We will provide sanitizing wipes on the bar for those who want to exercise extra precautions.

Public Refrigerators: It is not practical to provide personal refrigerators in each room, although our three king suites do have their own fridges. Our two public refrigerators offer free water bottles, ice and a chance for our guests to keep anything cold they desire. We plan to wipe these refrigerators down several times per day, but we also will provide sanitizing wipes next to each fridge for additional safety.

Housekeeper thoroughly cleaning a counter top with spray and washcloth

Enjoy Our Enhanced Cleaning Standards

We have focused our attention on enhancing routine cleaning in preparation, with more proactive and preventative measures in place. We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and have taken an extra level of sanitary precautions so you can feel at ease during your stay. The below effective response measures are helping us continue to provide a safe and clean environment for all:

  • You will have your choice of housekeeping service: Full-Service, No Service, or Partial Service (Set of fresh towels/amenities placed outside of your guest room)
  • Kitchen staff are certified in and practice ServSafe techniques— as always!
  • Rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily — as always!
  • Disinfectant stations are located throughout the common areas
  • Common area touchpoints such as doorknobs, light switches, stair rails, etc are being wiped down several times per day with disinfecting wipes.
  • Breakfast servers will be wearing clean gloves to serve food
Neatly-made bed at our boutique hotel in Massachusetts

Flexible Policies and Intentional Transparency

These are uncertain times and safety is a two-way street. Hampton Terrace is our home and we live among our guests. You have our assurance that we will go the extra mile to keep our guests and our own family safe. We know that this virus may peak and ebb and it is hard to make plans. If, at any time, you feel that safety is a concern and you would like to back out of your reservation, we will be happy to offer a (1) postponement, a (2) substitute gift card for the value of your deposit, or (3) a 100% refund.

Conversely, in the event of spikes in the area, we also may feel it prudent to close temporarily, delay opening, or make adjustments around the inn – for example, closing certain rooms near high traffic areas. In those cases, we promise complete transparency and the same options to postpone or cancel. We are all in this together, as they say.

Wine on a table by fireplace in cozy sitting area

We’re Here for You!

Do you have any questions for us or want to chat before booking your stay? Our dedicated staff would love to discuss your upcoming trip with you. Whether it be answering questions about our enhanced cleaning routines or helping you fill your itinerary with fun and safe activities, we’re here for you! Call (413) 637-1773 or email info@hamptonterrace.com to contact us today. Get updates and connect with us on our Facebook page or Instagram page too.

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