Three Reasons to Come to the Berkshires During Mud Season

Yes, the snow is mostly gone, and hiking can result in a near-quicksand experience.   Some Berkshire attractions are closed and will not open until late Spring.   And there are no leaves on the trees.    Why are all of these things good?

Because there are AT LEAST three things you can do NOW which you cannot do any other time of year:

  1. mount_greylock_monumentHike the Mount Greylock Scenic By-Way:  Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts and offers one of the best views in New England.   There are many trails to the top, but we run into the mud-to-your-knees objection.   HOWEVER, the paved road to the top is accessible to hikers, and is closed to vehicular traffic until May.  ….a chance for a civilized walk to the top of the mountain on a paved road WITHOUT the risk of having to dive off the mountain to avoid a car careening around the curves.   Top objection solved…as well as the last one about leaves on the trees.  The views on the way up are SO MUCH BETTER without the foliage.   David Ackerson put this on my radar this week, so CLICK  HERE for his article outlining suggested routes to the top.  He says the walk is about 4.4 miles and 2,000 feet, but there are shorter alternates.
  2. rockwell_museuamActually Get Into the Best Restaurants and Attractions:  Disneyworld works, so I guess some people are okay with 100,000 people in one place…90,000 of them standing in line at any given moment…but imagine if you could do Disneyworld with 5,000 people.  Same with the Berkshires.   Come in March, April and May, and walk right into the Rockwell Museum, MassMoCa, or The Clark (free during the off-season)…  Have a docent to yourself.   Sit right down at the Old Mill, Nudel, Prime, Bizan, Jae’s Spice or Baba Louie’s.   Actually get a seat at the bar in Allium, Firefly or Mission.   Wow.  Why wouldn’t you?
  3. Save 30% on your Room:   Call it Economics 101.  We charge 30% less for a room during the off-season at Hampton Terrace.   ….And we include a $30 gift card to the wine shop in town for a weekend stay.   Call me crazy – because after stating my case in the two points above – shouldn’t I charge MORE?   Lock in your room before I come to my senses.

Rockwell Museum photo by Sarah Edwards