Trazzler: Hampton Terrace Their Favorite Lenox Inn

trazzlerTrazzler ( covers meaningful travel experiences that tend to slip through the cracks elsewhere. They have a network of 10,000 writers across the US.  Their recommendations always fall within reasonable driving distance, fostering investment in local economies and encouraging more frequent, shorter trips.

In addition to their website, they have 1.5MM followers on Twitter on accounts such as @trazzler, @traveldeals, @california, and more. They also syndicate hotel reviews and content in weekly features on and The Huffington Post.

So imagine my excitement when I got an e-mail directly from their San Francisco-based CEO, Adam Rugel, stating that after two of his writers crawled literally all over the Berkshires, they chose Hampton Terrace as their favorite

So watch out for a campaign that showcases us on their Social Media network and media outlets.

Meanwhile, their travel writer, Joanna Eng had opinions about other Berkshire attractions:


Great Barrington:

North Adams: