Visit Kripalu, Stay at Hampton Terrace in Lenox


Another example this weekend. A couple spent Saturday night here and attended an all-day session at Kripalu. Our Saturday night charge was $189 and included full breakfast. They had a private bath and a fireplace.

At breakfast we were talking, and they said they have been to Kripalu many times in the past, and have paid between $300 and $500/night for a private bedroom at Kripalu, which is not a king, does not have a fireplace, and is spartan in its comforts. They wondered why most people do not stay at local inns and pay the $50 day pass to go to Kripalu (which includes 3 meals). I told them that we do get a fair number of people who know they can do that, but most people do not know they have options.

Most of the people who stay here would have done the “standard” option, which is a dormitory room of at least six people with a bathroom at the end of the hall. That option is also more expensive than our $189 rooms.

So to attempt to attract more Kripalu guests to stay here, with a multiple night stay, we offer any queen/fireplace/Jacuzzi room for $140/night…..which means we are paying your $50 daily fee for you (which includes your meals). That $50 would normally be absorbed into your room rate at Kripalu, so we are paying it for you.

Hampton Terrace is located approximately one mile from Kripalu and is rated #1 in Lenox by Trip Advisor.