The Williamstown Theatre Festival: “Where Talent Spends the Summer”


It’s pretty near seconds from the launch of the 2012 Williamstown Theatre Festival – June 26th – and it’s no secret that the festival attracts “names”. It really IS where talent spends the summer. Here’s some highlights:

•David Hyde Pierce (of Fraser fame) directs The Importance of Being Earnest, the classic by Oscar Wilde. His cast includes Tyne Daly, most recently of Judging Amy, and a multiple Emmy and Tony award-winner.

•Blythe Danner takes the stage in The Blue Deep.

•See Lili Taylor in The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers.

•The Elephant Man features Bradley Cooper and Patricia Clarkson.

To reduce the festival to an enumerating of celebrity names though is to dimish the quality of the entire festival. The festival really focuses on crafting excellent modern drama and is well worth a visit.

A little festival history perhaps?

“During the winter of 1955, Ralph Renzi (Williams ’43), News Director of Williams College, and David C. Bryant, chairman of the College’s active drama program, conceived the idea of using the Adams Memorial Theatre on the Williams College campus for a summer theater with a resident company.” – festival website

Since then, the festival has maintained a tradition of presenting excellent performances of plays both new and old, but which all have one thing in common: durability and excellence in performance.